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Westchester County, NY
United States


1. How can I prolong the use of my soap?

Natural handmade soap is softer than commercial soap. Because there are no synthetic hardening agents, lathering agents, or preservatives, these soaps are softer in nature. Naturally formed glycerin also creates a softer bar but allows for a milder, gentler bar as well. In order to prolong the use of your soap, store it on a well-drained dish where air can properly circulate the bar. Allow soap to dry between uses and never let soap sit in water. Using a loofah or bath sponge will increase the soap's lather and allow the soap to be used longer with each bathing experience. 

2. There's a white powder/ash on my bar of soap. What is that? 

This is called soda ash. It's harmless and common during the first few hours of soap curing. It happens when the air comes in contact with the surface of the soap. This does not affect the performance of the bar and will wash away within first use. 

3. Where can I find the ingredients? The ingredients for every product are listed in the "About" section. 

4. Are these products cruelty-free? Yes. 

5. Are there any animal products in your products? No, everything is plant-sourced. 

6. How big are your soaps? The average bar is 4 oz. 

7. How long will a bar last? Based on normal use, a typical bar will last approximately 3-4 weeks. 

8. When will my order ship? Orders generally ship one business day after payment is received. Orders are processed as quickly as possible. 

9. How can I contact you? You can contact Earthmade Skincare by using the web form on the contact page to send a message. We'd love to hear from you!