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Westchester County, NY
United States


From Idea to Creation

It's amazing how quickly your love for something can turn into your craft. 

I've always loved good skincare. I'm constantly on the hunt for the latest products but have recently been so disappointed with the honesty in skin care. After finding loads of chemicals in my 'all-natural and organic' products I knew it was time to make a change. It is sincerely my hope to bring honesty back to skin care. I am excited about each of these products and look forward to sharing them with others. These are simple ingredients that are truly all-natural and earth-made. With a background in health and wellness, I used my knowledge to create products that were safe, effective, and kind to my skin. 

I believe strongly in the integrity of these products which is why they have a rustic appearance; the ingredients are kept as close to their natural form as possible. Although a smoother, more evenly cut bar of soap may be more attractive to the eye, it doesn't necessarily determine the quality of a product. I wish each and everyone of you a pleasurable experience and hope to deepen your appreciation and gratitude for ALL things earth-made. Be well!