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Westchester County, NY
United States


Live Kind

Every day we put loads of stuff on our body, from facial cleanser to body lotion to soap. Like many others I like to know exactly what’s in my products and what I'm putting on my body, which is why I believe so strongly in the products I've created. I feel better knowing that what I wash down the drain is kind to my skin AND kind to the environment. 

Unfortunately, commercial soap is still the norm, but what concerns me most is the use of synthetic ingredients, ingredients that do not come from the earth. None of us know much about these ingredients, from how they’re made to where they’re made, or even how truthful companies are. It is Earthmade's promise that there are no synthetic or artificial ingredients in any of the products created. Each product is made with pure, all-natural, and organic ingredients and scented ONLY by the ingredient itself or nature's extract- pure essential oils. The ingredients speak for themselves. Real botanicals, real ingredients. 

All products are wrapped in biodegradable tissue paper using minimal and earth-friendly packaging. Tissue paper comes from plant material which breaks down easier than other materials. Soaps are labeled with eco-friendly kraft paper (made from recycled materials) and tied with natural raffia or hemp rope. Packaging is kept to a minimum since most of it unfortunately ends up in the trash. Eco-friendly packaging is of utmost importance.

Every ingredient here comes from the natural environment, not a lab. As we all know, what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in it. Feel good about what you're putting on your skin and get one step closer to living a kinder, greener life.